Leg It (Part Sixty-one)

Carter’s phone smashed against the wall as look of sheer anger spread across his face. “Bastards!” The whole office stopped and stared. “We’ve just had a report of gunfire at Davison’s house. It’s kicking off and we’re scratching our arses wondering what’s going to happen. Well, it’s happening now ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got to … More Leg It (Part Sixty-one)

Leg It (Part forty)

I looked out over the garden. “This all your work?” “Yeah.” “You’ve definitely got a skill there, Gilbert.” “Can I ask you something, Pete?” “Fire away.” “It’s just that … it doesn’t matter, it’s not important.” “No, go on.” “Well, you’ve been away for fifteen years.” “Yeah?” “You’ve just come home and you’ve got me, … More Leg It (Part forty)