Parting Shot

With Alan Bennett due to revive his Talking Heads series on BBC this week, I’m probably not going to be the first Alan people search for when looking to watch a monologue. I have however dipped my toe into the monologue scene for the first time and my screen debut, Parting Shot, premiered last week. … More Parting Shot

My A-Z of 2019

As has become tradition, here is my review of last year. A – Arvon. My week long residential writing course gave me a new insight into how to finish my novel. B – Burying Reggie. The working title for novel number five. C – Cultural Development Fellowship. I was awarded one. Thanks Sunderland Culture. D … More My A-Z of 2019

My week at Arvon

Anyone working in creative circles will tell you that the hardest part of the job is making it pay. We all love what we do but turning it into a living wage can be troublesome. I’ve done alright. I’ve self-published four novels and along with running workshops and doing various other projects, I’ve scraped a … More My week at Arvon

First drafts and the Millfield Morrissey. (What I’ve been up to recently.)

It’s been a while since my last blog, I’ve been a busy man. Since Troll Life was published in October, I’ve been focussing on my fifth novel. Normally I would have it all planned out in the break between first draft and editing of my previous one but that hasn’t been the case this time … More First drafts and the Millfield Morrissey. (What I’ve been up to recently.)