Alan Parkinson was born in Sunderland in the seventies and spent his formative years growing up in Southwick.

Leg It

He wrote his first novel, Leg It, during a career break in 2001 and finally published it 10 years later. Leg It has gained a cult following for its humorous depiction of childhood in Southwick in the eighties, and has been sold in countries as diverse as America, India and Japan.

Idle Threats

His second novel, Idle Threats, a comic tale of an armed siege in a call centre was released in August 2015.

In December 2015, following the success of Idle Threats, Alan gave up his lucrative career in the software industry to become a full-time writer.

Life In The Balance

His third novel, Life In The Balance, was released in June 2017. The tale of socially awkward Manuel Frost who records good and bad deeds in a ledger, balancing them out each day. Events spiral out of control until he must perform the ultimate balancing act.

Life In The Balance has been Alan’s fastest selling novel to date.


Alan is living in Sunderland and is currently working on his fourth novel with a working title of ‘Troll Life’, a tale of an internet troll who is forced to come off benefits and work in the call centre he has been trolling.

Alan has also been running several workshops and played a lead role in the successful Putting Southwick On The Map project.

As well as his novels Alan plans to release a modern etiquette guide based on his humorous blogs.

He will be appearing in the Sunderland Literature Festival in October 2017 and the Sunderland Festival of Creative Writing in March 2018.

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Twitter: @Leg_It 

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