Alan Parkinson was born in Sunderland in the seventies and spent his formative years growing up in Southwick, later to gain the title of 22nd most deprived area in the UK.
A promising pupil in his early years at English Martyrs, he went on to be a less than promising pupil at St Thomas Aquinas and finally made his exit from the education system after an inglorious six week stint at St Aidan’s sixth form. The reasons for his exit are still unclear however they are believed to have parted ways ‘by mutual consent’.

Alan’s working career started in 1986 in stationery/bingo/catholic repository store in Sunderland. He has had various roles since then including visual merchandiser and civil servant and is now a full time writer after managing software developers in Newcastle for a number of years.

Alan was bitten by the travel bug in 1996 and lived in Australia for a year and he has been travelling on and off ever since.

He wrote his first novel Leg It in 2001 during a career break and finally published it 10 years later. Leg It has gained a cult following for its depiction of childhood in the eighties and also for a slight mishap with the paperback cover design. T-shirts with the offending cover have been spotted as far away as Embleton and Mexico.

His second novel, Idle Threats was published in August 2015.

His third novel, Life In The Balance was published in June 2017.

Alan is living in Sunderland and is currently working on his fourth novel with a working title of ‘Troll Life’

An active member of Holmeside Writers alongside acclaimed authors Iain Rowan, Lisa Burns and Jo Burns.

Alan appeared in the Sunderland Literature and Creative Writing Festival in 2016.
He can be followed on Twitter and on Facebook