Idle Threats

How do you escape the last place you want to be?

Idle Threats New Font Kindle

Liam hates his job working for Phonetix Mobile. Fighting for every second and battling with every customer, he is close to the edge. Bumper’s business is going under. His debts are rising, his drinking is getting worse and his wife has had enough. Jodie is unemployed and is desperate for work to give her son the life he deserves. Her mobile phone on the other hand, appears to have no intention of working. They are all brought together by an armed siege that could change their lives forever.

The long awaited follow up to Leg It, Alan Parkinson’s debut novel. Idle Threats, set in Sunderland, is a fast paced tale of guns, bombs, gangsters and sombreros. Comic crime fiction in the style of Chris Brookmyre and Colin Bateman, Idle Threats will have you on the edge of your seat. A must for anyone who has ever suffered either working in a call centre or spent hours on the phone to one.

Would you take it one step further and take a gun into a call centre to settle your grievances?