Leg It

How long would you wait for revenge?

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Childhood in the eighties was fun for Peter Wood but nothing lasts forever.
Running away seemed like his only option; as did his return fifteen years later.
Will his old friends forgive him for going?
Will his enemies forgive him for coming back?
Will Pete win back the life he thought he had lost or will he Leg It?
A classic tale of love and friendship, revenge, gangsters, and rubber pants.

Alan Parkinson’s debut novel Leg It is set in Sunderland and mixes crime and humour in the style of Christopher Brookmyre and Colin Bateman.
Alternating between the lead character’s schooldays and the modern day, it gradually reveals his reason for moving away and motivation coming back.
A fast paced comic thriller that will bring back memories for anybody who went to school in the eighties and will strike a note for anyone who ever wanted to put right what happened in their teenage years.