Leg It (Part fifty)

“I’m his father, Pete.” “How come, I thought he never knew his Dad?” “He didn’t, in fact he still doesn’t know the truth.” Tim told me the whole story. “It’s not something I’m proud of, you have to understand how lonely I was. I had friends, mostly down the shipyards, your Dad included. I always … More Leg It (Part fifty)

Leg It (Part forty)

I looked out over the garden. “This all your work?” “Yeah.” “You’ve definitely got a skill there, Gilbert.” “Can I ask you something, Pete?” “Fire away.” “It’s just that … it doesn’t matter, it’s not important.” “No, go on.” “Well, you’ve been away for fifteen years.” “Yeah?” “You’ve just come home and you’ve got me, … More Leg It (Part forty)

Leg It

Childhood in the eighties was fun for Peter Wood but nothing lasts forever. Running away seemed like his only option; as did his return fifteen years later. Will his old friends forgive him for going? Will his enemies forgive him for coming back? Will Pete win back the life he thought he had lost or … More Leg It