Leg It (Part Fourteen)

It wasn’t difficult to find Bumper; after all there weren’t that many six-foot bananas in the health club’s car park. “Alright, Bumper?” “Pete? Jesus it must be at least ten years….” “Fifteen, Bumper. It’s been fifteen years since you’ve seen me.” “Yeah, fifteen eh? Bloody long time. You seem to be doing all right for … More Leg It (Part Fourteen)

Idle Threats

Liam hates his job working for Phonetix Mobile. Fighting for every second and battling with every customer, he is close to the edge. Bumper’s business is going under. His debts are rising, his drinking is getting worse and his wife has had enough. Jodie is unemployed and is desperate for work to give her son … More Idle Threats

Leg It

Childhood in the eighties was fun for Peter Wood but nothing lasts forever. Running away seemed like his only option; as did his return fifteen years later. Will his old friends forgive him for going? Will his enemies forgive him for coming back? Will Pete win back the life he thought he had lost or … More Leg It