Leg It (Part seven)

I slammed the door behind me as I walked into the house. “Don’t slam that bloody door,” my mother shouted. I slumped on the settee and noticed Tim sat there. “Alright, Tim?” “I’m ok, what’s the matter with your face?” “We’ve been trying to earn money all day to go and see Elvis Costello and … More Leg It (Part seven)

Leg It (Part Four)

The four of us waited in the queue to go in for lunch. Bumper’s mother had made him sandwiches, Elvis and me were going to buy our lunch and Gilbert was on free lunch, Nashy dinners as they were known. As lunchtime approached, Kevin Davison realised that he’d eaten all of his sandwiches and he … More Leg It (Part Four)

Leg It (Part Two)

Elvis pedalled up to the front of the tower block and freewheeled to the foot of the stairs. He never took the lift. The smell of urine was even more overpowering than it was in the stairwell and along with cycling to work, taking the stairs was his only sacrifice to fitness. He placed the … More Leg It (Part Two)

Leg It (Part One)

Even at the age of ten I took great delight in kicking Emlyn Hughes in the face. One look at his features, mutated after my Father had taken a hot knife to his eye socket was all it took. The chirpy, footballer turned personality, however, still grinned insanely through his deformity. The field behind my … More Leg It (Part One)