Time to write. (How long does it take to write a novel? Pt 5)

It’s been quite some time since I last gave an update on my editing process. Back in October I was up to 197 hours worth of effort in writing and editing my fourth novel, Troll Life. This week I hit a major milestone when I finally sent copies to my review team for their critiques … More Time to write. (How long does it take to write a novel? Pt 5)

Festival Fever (Sunderland Creative Writing Festival 2018)

Sunderland Creative Writing Festival 2018 It’s been non stop in Parkinson Palace this week. I had a couple of freelance blogs to finish, I’d committed to doing my Winter Olympics blogs and I’ve finally begun to get my half marathon training back on track. Most exciting of all, the tickets went live for the Sunderland … More Festival Fever (Sunderland Creative Writing Festival 2018)

Leg It (Part Sixty-one)

Carter’s phone smashed against the wall as look of sheer anger spread across his face. “Bastards!” The whole office stopped and stared. “We’ve just had a report of gunfire at Davison’s house. It’s kicking off and we’re scratching our arses wondering what’s going to happen. Well, it’s happening now ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got to … More Leg It (Part Sixty-one)

Leg It (Part sixty)

“I don’t understand, if it’s not for the money, why did he do it?” Marie was confused. The story hadn’t come as a complete surprise. She knew something had been troubling Elvis. He could never lie. “Revenge I suppose. Davison had really got to us all. This way we got some sort of respect back.” … More Leg It (Part sixty)