Leg It (Part fifty)

“I’m his father, Pete.” “How come, I thought he never knew his Dad?” “He didn’t, in fact he still doesn’t know the truth.” Tim told me the whole story. “It’s not something I’m proud of, you have to understand how lonely I was. I had friends, mostly down the shipyards, your Dad included. I always … More Leg It (Part fifty)

Leg It (Part Fourteen)

It wasn’t difficult to find Bumper; after all there weren’t that many six-foot bananas in the health club’s car park. “Alright, Bumper?” “Pete? Jesus it must be at least ten years….” “Fifteen, Bumper. It’s been fifteen years since you’ve seen me.” “Yeah, fifteen eh? Bloody long time. You seem to be doing all right for … More Leg It (Part Fourteen)