Life In The Balance


How far would you go to make amends?

Manuel Frost is obsessed with right and wrong. Each day he logs good and bad deeds that he witnesses into a ledger that nobody is allowed to see. Each night, if the books don’t balance, he sets out to perform deeds of his own to even them up.

He interferes in events until they inevitably spiral out of control and he has to make the ultimate sacrifice to balance the books.

A comic contemporary novel in which socially awkward Manuel takes his obsession too far, often with hilarious results.

His relationships with his overbearing mother, his boss Chloe and his colleagues often leave him confused. The one thing he has that he can rely upon is his ledger. Except his attempts at keeping the books balanced don’t go as planned and he is forced into a series of increasingly ridiculous situations.

Oliver and Tony are hapless ex cellmates who barely tolerate each other. In debt to the local gangster they need a plan to escape the life they have created for themselves and try and repair the damage with their families.

But they hadn’t factored Manuel into their plan.

Will Manuel listen to his mother or follow Chloe’s advice? Or will the cat be the one to save him?

Alan Parkinson’s third Sunderland based novel shares the same pace and humour we have come to expect following Leg It and Idle Threats.

In the style of Christopher Brookmyre and Colin Bateman he mixes crime, comedy and luckless characters to keep the reader laughing and enthralled.

Offset all the misery in your life and read Life In The Balance.

Life In The Balance is available in paperback and on Kindle.

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