Leg It (Part Sixty-one)

Carter’s phone smashed against the wall as look of sheer anger spread across his face. “Bastards!” The whole office stopped and stared. “We’ve just had a report of gunfire at Davison’s house. It’s kicking off and we’re scratching our arses wondering what’s going to happen. Well, it’s happening now ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got to … More Leg It (Part Sixty-one)

Leg It (Part sixty)

“I don’t understand, if it’s not for the money, why did he do it?” Marie was confused. The story hadn’t come as a complete surprise. She knew something had been troubling Elvis. He could never lie. “Revenge I suppose. Davison had really got to us all. This way we got some sort of respect back.” … More Leg It (Part sixty)

How to be ill.

How to be ill With the NHS at breaking point, hospitals overflowing and queues to the local GP being longer than the one at Greggs when they were giving away free cheese pasties, it seems like the right time to give some valuable advice on how to be ill. There are as many illnesses out … More How to be ill.

Pub Etiquette (Black Eye Friday Special)

Black Eye Friday Christmas time, mistletoe and wine; sounds like a recipe for disaster, not least on Black Eye Friday. There are many sacred Christmas traditions, midnight mass, snoozing through the Queen’s speech, getting lashed up and fighting on the last Friday before Christmas. Black Eye Friday is a tradition that goes back decades and … More Pub Etiquette (Black Eye Friday Special)