Bright light, bit chilly.

As a bit of a change for my blog, I’m going to post a couple of photos.

Living in Sunderland, I am lucky enough to live next to a fantasic coastline and a lovely, post industrial riverside.

Despite me being a terrible photographer, the low sun over the last couple of days has allowed me to take a couple of half decent snaps on my iPhone.

Yesterday on the way to a meeting at the University I popped to the National Glass Centre and had a walk out on the glass roof.


Looking the other way towards the coast, you can see the Roker Lighthouse that is featured in both Leg It and Idle Threats.


This morning I was out for a run down the seafront and as I turned to head back, there was a pretty imposing black sky that was crying out for a photo.

The snowdog is part of a collection being shown around the North East. The Roker Lighthouse can be seen in the distance in the middle of the photo. Another lighthouse can be seen through the centre of some new artwork that has been installed at Seaburn.


Further along the coast on my return I stopped again to snap the brief strip of light beneath the clouds. The Roker Lighthouse featuring again.

I’m sure a professional or half competent amatuer photographer could do a better job or could tidy them up on Photoshop but I’m happy to live somewhere so beautiful that I can take snaps like this on my phone almost by accident.

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