My A-Z of 2018 (The Highlights)

My A-Z of 2018 (The Highlights)

A – Amazon Review – This review of Troll Life is possibly the best I’ve ever received.Screenshot 2018-12-30 at 16.06.22

B – Bros – After the screaming stops. Surprising TV hit of the year.

C – Crossing The Tees – I don’t enter writing competitions often so surprised to find myself ‘Highly Commended’ for my short story The Wicker Man.

D – Drinking – Almost given up entirely and not really missed it. Only drank six times in 2018.
E – Editing – Rewrote and republished Leg It and it’s a lot better for it. Also ran successful Editing Workshop as part of Writing Festival.
F – Fourth Novel – Troll Life published in October and sales are going well.Troll Life Laan Parkinson
G – Gym – I’m not a fan usually but it’s kept the weight off whilst I haven’t been able to run.
H – Hylton Castle – I got to climb to the top of it.

I – Informer – How BBC Drama should be.
J – Jordans – Pickford and Henderson did Sunderland proud at the World Cup.
K – Killing Eve – Funny, outrageously over the top but it worked. Excellent television.
L – Liver and Bunions – My favourite comedy duo. Always an inspiration.
M – Matt and Monkman – Another great weekend with the lads despite Monkman not contributing to the kitty.
N – Northern Spire – Getting to walk over the bridge on the day it opened was something special.
O – Overweight/Obese – Managed to reduce my kite far enough so I’m now in the healthy weight category for probably the first time in years.
P – Plays – Seeing plays I wrote performed on stage for the first time was a special experience. Father’s Day at The Peacock performed by Cranked Anvil and Idle Threats at the Westovian Theatre.
Q – Questions (Rather than a statement) – The relief when someone actually asks a question in a question and answer session rather than rambling on with a long personal statement.
R – Roker Lighthouse – After being thwarted for years, I finally got to go inside of the lighthouse that features in Leg It and Idle Threats. It exceeded expectations.
S – Sunderland Til I Die – Showed everything that is wrong with football whilst also showing what is great about the city, the club and the fans I love. Watched it in one sitting.
T –  Tall Ships – A fantastic addition to the Sunderland riverside capped off perfectly with Summer Streets at Seaburn.
U – Unlimited – Kindle Unlimited has started making me money for the first time in years. Don’t know why it has suddenly clicked but people are downloading and reading my books as well as buying them.
V – Violin – My neighbours might not think it is a positive and it’s only a few chords but I am getting there.
W – Writing Festival – Whilst 99% of the credit goes to Iain Rowan, I was proud to be involved in running such a successful festival. 19 events over a month with hundreds of visitors and fantastic feedback. I’ve almost forgotten the stress involved with the weather and venues.
X – X-Ray – Turned into a bit of a double edged sword but relieved that my foot wasn’t broken.
Y – Year Reviews – Surprising how much I can do in twelve months.
Z – Zzzz – Afternoon naps. Still my favourite part of a writer’s day.

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