My A-Z of 2019

As has become tradition, here is my review of last year.

A – Arvon. My week long residential writing course gave me a new insight into how to finish my novel.

The Hurst Arvon
The Hurst

B – Burying Reggie. The working title for novel number five.

C – Cultural Development Fellowship. I was awarded one. Thanks Sunderland Culture.

D – Drugs. My daily intake would put Keith Richards to shame.

E – Edinburgh. Fascinating first visit to the Fringe.
F – Football. A new low.
G – Glyceryl Trinitrate. My new constant companion.
H – Heart. Both broken and mended. Dominated my year.
I –  Ignorance. Appears to be something to be proud of.
J – Job. Got a new one.
K – Keswick. Beautiful as ever.
L – Liver and Onions. Still the best and most underrated comedy act out there.
M – Matt and Monkman. Lads’ weekend. Postponed until next year due to my health and Monkman’s betting. Promises to be a bigger and better one for my 50
th in 2020.
N – NHS. Saved my life, hope we manage to save the NHS.
O – Opinions. Year has been full of them. All loud, most of them bollocks.
P – Portsmouth. The YTS Millwall wannabes were barely on my radar before 2019 but brought an unexpected edge to last season.
Q – Questions. Asking them at the right time could have saved me a lot of bother this year.
R – Running. Not as much as I like. Hope to make a comeback in 2020.
S – Stents. Knew nothing about them at the beginning of the year, I certainly do now.
T –  Theatre. Saw more in 2019 than I’ve ever seen in my life. Thanks Helen.
U – Undercrackers. Bought some new ones.
V – VAR. If the use of the technology wasn’t irritating enough, the permanent wittering on of pundits who don’t understand it has compounded the issue.
W – Wembley. Promised so much but let me down again and again.

X – Xmas Party. My first time sampling 0% beer.
Y – Yanking out a tooth. Most pain I’ve ever felt.
Z – ZZZZ. Afternoon naps are now a rare treat instead of a daily staple.

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