What does the future hold?

In the past year I have guided you on how to behave in the pub and at your Christmas party. I’ve taught you how to avoid embarassing faux pas on public transport and how to become a mildly less annoying cyclist. I’ve given valuable advice on how to make the perfect Full English and even let you in on a few secrets that would help you win gold at the Olympics.

You are probably wondering how I didn’t get a mention in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List (I turned down an MBE but don’t want to make a big thing of it).

You are probably also wondering what is coming next. Solving world hunger? Creating everlasting peace in the world? Rescuing Jack Rodwell’s career?

Am I just going to give up after having parting with so much wisdom?

Fear not, whilst the world still needs to learn lessons, I will be here to teach them.

In no particular order, here are some of the subjects I will be tackling over the coming months.

  • How to drive.
  • Supermarket etiquette.
  • How to be a pet owner.
  • Holiday etiquette.
  • Being a good neighbour.
  • Toilet etiquette.
  • How to go to a football match.

And the one everyone has been waiting for … Office etiquette.


If you have any suggestions on subjects you would like me to tackle please let me know in the comments or via Twitter @Leg_It or Facebook Alan Parkinson – Author.


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