My A-Z of 2017 (The Highlights)

It’s been an exciting year and it’s hard to narrow it down to just 26 things but here is my A-Z of 2017 (The Highlights)

A – Amble. Another great weekend away with the lads but possibly the weirdest place on earth.

B – Blogging. My etiquette guides have become increasingly popular. Look forward to a book of the them and some unreleased material in 2018.

C – City of Culture. We may have lost the bid but there was so much positivity to come from it that I think it has changed the city for ever.

Sunderland City of Culture 2021

D – Design. Book covers have always been problematic but I love the new Leg It and Idle Threats covers.

Alan Parkinson author
E – Editing. Spent a big chunk of the year doing it and recognising its importance more and more.
F – Fireflight. Spectacular opening event for the new Fire Station development.


G – Great North Run. I hated every second of it so it’s lucky to get into the highlights but I raised over £500 for Thomma’s charity so still worthwhile.

Great North Run toilet queue.
H – Holmeside Coffee/Writers. My creative home and also the scene of many an enjoyable coffee chat.
I – Idiots. I’ve encountered many over the year but I’ve learned to laugh at them and use them as material in my books.
J – Jo Burns. A living example of why my pub etiquette blogs are so popular and necessary.
K – Kick Offs. Closely related to the idiots. Some hilarious meltdowns have been witnessed in 2017.
L – Life In The Balance. My third novel was released in July and has done very well.

Life In The Balance_Kindle_edited-1
M – Media Whore. I’ve been all over the papers, radio and TV in 2017. Swearing on the BBC a particular highlight.
N – Netflix. Has become my default way of watching TV.
O – Ozark. Surprise TV hit and one of my favourite shows of the year.
P – Putting Southwick On The Map. Launched after 18 months work and a great success.
Q – Questions and not answering them. One in particular that only me and one more person know the answer to.
R – Running. The GNR may have sickened me but there’s few better experiences than running along the seafront as the sun comes up.
S – Sunderland. I’ve been banging the drum for a long time but this is the proudest I have been of my home city.
T – Toddy’s bingo. This scene in The League of Gentlemen was the televisual highlight of the year. Beautifully written and performed. A masterpiece.

U – USA. It’s only a trickle but I’m starting to get some sales Stateside. Only a matter of time before Hollywood comes calling.
V – Viz. The daily tweets and Facebook updates make me laugh every time.
W – Warm Digits. Surprise act of the year. Really glad I caught them at Summer Streets.
X – Xylophone. Finally learned to play it in 2017.
Y – Year ahead. It’s not all about looking backwards. A new novel and Etiquette guide planned along with some other exciting projects in 2018.
Z – ZZZZZZZZ. Still loving my afternoon naps.

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